Hamper 5 $500


Hampers are an all in Cost.


Boxes will be mailed to you.



Hamper Prices are priced inclusive of shipping. No additional costs will be incurred.

There are no substitutions. Hampers will be sent to you by Canada Post mail.

Please note, should an item not be available, we reserve the right to replace with an item

of equal or greater value and/or possibly a different brand.

4X Instant Powdered Milk 1kg 1kg
10X Betty Crocker Herb and Garlic Mashed Potatoes 215g 215g
10X Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes with Garlic 215g 215g
2X General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios 750g 750g
2X Kellogs Rice Krispies Family Size Cereal 560g 560g
6X Classic Stagg Chili with Beans 425g 425g
2X Canned Chicken Breast 6x354g 6×354
2X Great Value Long Grain Rice 2kg 2kg
12X Great Value Flaked Light Tuna 170g 170g
6X Gold Seal Salmon 213g 213g
2X Kraft Parmesan Cheese 250g 250g
2X Great Value White Tortillas (10) 340g 340g
2X Great Value Whole Wheat Tortilas (10) 640g 640g
1X Kraft Peanut Butter 1kg 1kg
1X Miricle Whip Spread 650g 650g
4X Lancia Spagetti Pasta 750g 750g
4X Lancia Elbow Pasta 750g 750g
3X Great Value Garlic and Herb Pasta Sauce 680ml 680ml
4X Great Value Origional Pasta Sauce 680ml 680ml
1X Kraft Heinz Cheez Whiz Spread 900g 900g
10X Great Value Peas and Carrots 398ml 398ml
10X Great Value Cut Green Beans 398ml 398ml
3X Great Value All Purpose Flour 2.5kg 2.5kg
2X Great Value Seedless Thompson Raisons 375ml 375ml
1X Great Value Canola Oil 1L 1L
1X Magic Baking Powder 225g 225g
4X Great Value Salted Butter 454g 454g
2X Quaker 3 Flavour Variety Pack (8) 314g 314g

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