Kirkland Signature Severe Cold & Flu Multi-Symptom Caplets, 168 Caplets




Compare to Tylenol & Flu Severe Day & Night
Daytime Severe Cold & Flu Multi-Symptom, 120 Caplets
Nighttime Severe Cold & Flu Multi-Symptom, 48 Caplets
Daytime and nighttime severe cold and flu multi-symptom reliever.
Fights the following cold or flu symptoms:

Minor aches and pains in head or body.
General cough.
Sore throat.
Temporarily reduces your fever.
General nasal congestion.
Chest congestion and general mucus.
Runny nose.
Relieves coughing to help with sleeping (nighttime formula).
Sneezing or runny nose (nighttime formula).
Sinus congestion and pressure (nighttime formula).
Helps loosen mucus (phlegm) and thin bronchial secretions to allow your coughs to be more productive and clearing (daytime formula).
Stuffed or congested nose.

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