Edmonton run once a month with deliveries on our regular schedule. Do we have yours?


it's time to 'skip the shopping!'

Allow us to connect you with a whole world of Christmas shopping in Grande Prairie and Edmonton while skipping the line ups, crowds and long distance. 

We will conquer your list and bring it to you all for a small 15% service fee and small delivery charge. 

Check out our website at www.gp2u.ca for cutoff, delivery dates, order and contact forms. 

Costco, ToysRUs, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Old Navy, IKEA, Sephora, People’s Jewelers…. Just to name a few. We will pickup from any store!

Phone & Text: 587-812-0811

Email: customerservice@gp2u.ca

Facebook: grandeprairietoyou

Want  some cool remote sharks or a hover craft to go on the snow...as  Christmas presents of course.  LOL.  We have these in our online store and can bring them to you!  Remote Control Toys, Building Block Sets, Sheet sets, Towel sets, Kitchen gadgets, Electronic Gadgets & Art Supplies (Canvas etc)

Cloudworks - 5112 52nd St (former Grey and Yellow Union Bldg on 52nd)