Edmonton run once a month with deliveries on our regular schedule. Do we have yours?


We will shop IKEA for you and bring it north on our run!


ikea instructions

If you are ordering IKEA, you need to place your order with them for  click and collect and have the pick up name as Martin Fujita please.  IKEA only allows you to put an order in for pick up, 3 days in advance.  However, please let us know right away if you're putting an order in as  we only have so much space in the trailer and it is first-come, first  serve basis. Once we hit our space and weight limit, any other orders will have to wait for the next run.

Once you order, you MUST forward us your confirmation email so we can  make sure we pick up everything ordered.  Please send it to:   customerservice@gp2u.ca.

Our fee is 15% of the value of goods  ordered plus a small delivery fee to cover the costs of our fuel. The  delivery fee depends on what you've ordered. (size, weight etc. Small  items will be no fee to $5 and bigger items like bookcases are $10.  Dressers, furniture etc will be a bit more than that.)

In Yellowknife, you can come pickup at our location at 5112 52nd St. If you require home delivery, please discuss with us.

Order forms (or you can email us if you wish)

Order form Edmonton (pdf)


Edmonton South Common has most of the stores not up north.

South Edmonton Common Map of Stores (pdf)


IKEA Flyer (pdf)